Handcrafted Recycled Art by Ann Skydell Harmon

Bracelets Earrings Pendants Barrettes Sets
Recycling Can Be Beautiful

Summer 2014
Limited Edition


A few words from Ann...

"Thank you so much for visiting our on-line store. I hope you become as excited about this idea as so many others have. It's wide appeal among people of all ages has been truly incredible! Our youngest wearer so far is 7 years-old and our oldest is 92. It's terrific that people both love how the jewelry looks and appreciate its value in promoting recycling. It is such a great feeling to know there is something I can do to help the environment and others. If each of us does something small, together we can make a big difference".

Ann Skydell Harmon

Photography: Steven Martine






Proud recipient of the Green America Seal of Approval for social
and environmental responsibility